Holistic Adventures Book By Raphael Moses

Holistic Adventures Book By Raphael Moses

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From the Author : 

Raphael Moses comes from the community of Pic River First Nation. He has been doctoring and sharing knowledge of different ceremonies with the people of 9 communities in Quebec, 11 communities in Manitoba and various other First Nations in Ontario. Through this sharing, for over a quarter of a century he has helped people with different illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, arthritis, and cancer. The loss of so many elders who took with them so much knowledge which has not been documented, inspired Raphael to write this book, Holistic Adventures, for the youth of tomorrow, for the future. A special thanks for the teachings of the Elders of yesterday. It's a dream come true.


The intent of this book is to make these teachings available to all. The plants and animals described and used are easily found in Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec